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Have You Been Sued?
Are you worried that the lawsuit is going to hurt you? Your business?
Your family? Need to know what to do next?
Get Help! I've Been Sued! The Five Essential First Steps to Avoid Disaster INSTANTLY by email! It's 100% FREE.
Letter From
Alicia I. Dearn, Trial Lawyer
Do You Want To Win Your Lawsuit?
Dear Lawsuit Defendant:

My name is Alicia I. Dearn, Esq. I am the founder and lead trial lawyer at Bellatrix PC.

If you've been sued recently, I have a free book for you called Help! I've Been Sued! Five Essential First Steps to Avoid Disaster.

In this book, you will learn what to do right away to protect your rights.

If you have been sued, then you need to know how to set yourself up to win. You need to know what to do now that will save you thousands in legal fees later.

And you need to know what the law requires so that you are protected and you do not lose rights.
Why Should You Listen to Me?
If we have not worked together before, you are probably wondering what my background is as a lawyer and why you should listen to me.

I have litigated over a hundred lawsuits since I started practicing law in 2004. Many of those lawsuits were "complex" (meaning they were class actions or involved multiple parties or had millions of dollars on the line).

Of all those lawsuits, I have never lost a case. I have either outright won the case (by verdict or legal decision) or I have favorably settled it for the client.

I have taken dozens of cases over that were in a losing position with former lawyers and reversed them.

For example, some of my results include:
  • I won (and collected) a $1.4 Million judgment for a client in defense to a lawsuit.
  • I took over a case and won a motion to dismiss that was previously denied. In fact, I have won dozens of motions to dismiss and for summary judgment for my clients.
  • I have obtained hundreds of thousands in settlements and judgments for clients.
  • I reversed a $2 Million judgment against a client and went on to resolve the case at "nuisance value."
  • I have defeated some of the best lawyers in the country -- including specialists who were flown in from big law firms specifically to deal with their lawsuits against my clients in the eleventh hour.
I'm required by the Bar to tell you this now: Nothing here constitutes a guarantee regarding the outcome of your legal matter. Results portrayed are dependent on the facts of that case. The outcome of your case may differ if based on different facts. (Sorry about the legalese... let's continue.)

In addition to my results, I have won several awards:
  • Best of the Bar
  • Perfect 10.0 Rating on Avvo
  • Lead Counsel
  • SuperLawyers
  • Top Attorneys
  • Legal Leaders
I've published multiple articles, have been an expert interviewed by national media (such as NPR, the Associated Press, and BuzzFeed), and I've given speeches to industry groups and universities.

My clients include entrepreneurs, nationwide enterprises, franchises, small businesses, charities, political parties, individuals, movie producers, and a former two-term Governor.

I'm a professional arbitrator for FINRA (handling lawsuits against banks and investment firms in the areas of consumer, banking, and employment law).

I'm a graduate of the prestigious and competitive, month-long advanced jury trial course at Gerry Spence's Trial Lawyers College, where I have refined my trial lawyer skills with the undisputed best jury trial lawyers in North America.

And I've practiced before the U.S. Supreme Court (although I have not yet had the opportunity to argue before the justices... someday soon!).

Help! I've Been Sued! Five Essential First Steps to Avoid Disaster comes from my personal experience as a successful lawsuit attorney with over a decade's practice helping people like you.
What's In the Book?
  • The five things that people do in panic that you should not do
  • How to preserve evidence for your defense
  • What information to write down for your lawyer
  • How to make sure you don't miss any deadlines or waive rights
  • How to seek insurance coverage for your defense
  • What to expect in the litigation process
  • Where to go to learn how to hire a good lawyer (and, importantly, not a bad one)
  • Action items and explanations at each step to make it easy for you
Following these steps will make any lawsuit easier to win or resolve favorably. Not taking these steps sets you up for disaster and a loss.

Just fill in the short form on this page and let me know your name and email address. We will email you a full copy of the book instantly.

There's no catch. I am making this book available to you right now because I know you need the help.

No book can guarantee you success in a lawsuit. Each case depends on a number of tangible and intangible factors. It is much easier to get the best possible result, however, if you set yourself up for success from the beginning of the lawsuit.

You need to act now because you have only a few days to prepare your defense before the court makes you respond to the lawsuit.

Enter your email and download the book now! You have nothing to lose. It is 100% free and chock full of advice that a lawyer would normally charge you at least $500 to tell you.

Very truly yours,

Alicia I. Dearn, Esq.
CEO + Trial Lawyer
Bellatrix PC
PS: If you are scrolling to the end, the offer is a free copy of my book Help! I've Been Sued! Five Essential First Steps to Avoid Disaster. Enter your email address and get instant access.
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